Mobile Sports Betting

It is a well known fact that one of the most popular and successful features of the internet is online gambling. In the last couple of years internet access is becoming less and less dependant on home computers or laptops. Today more and more people can access various internet services using their mobile phones or PDA's. As a natural advance more and more mobile content providers are beginning to offer their users various gambling activities but only one of them has a significant advantage over the regular home computer online gambling or online casinos - mobile sports betting.

When you bet on a horse race or a football game you always want to do it when you already have the latest details. If you are betting on a football game you want to have the latest changes in rooster as soon as they happen. When betting via your mobile phone or PDA you can receive the results of the race or game as soon as they finish. Even if you place your bet a week ahead and then have to travel on business, you can still keep track of your bets wherever you are.

A development that is highly expected by all sports betting lovers is the ability to see the game or race live on your mobile device. When all cellular networks will be upgraded to the latest standards any bettor will be able to place his bets minutes before the race begins and watch the race as it progress. It is just like being on the actual racetrack!

Marc Fillmore, Editorial Staff

October 10, 2005