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Mobile Gamings Popularity in Great Britain

On November 4th, 2007, UK gaming regulator, the Gambling Commission has released their latest survey findings that shows that web gaming is becoming more acceptable and that the players came from the male population aged 18 years old up to 34 years old.

The Gambling Commission regularly outsources gaming studies to the ICM research, which made a good study in the United Kingdom with 8,000 respondents. The latest results showed a good outlook of adult gamers' participation in mobile gaming all over the country. The enhanced measure, released for the first time in February 2007, gives permission to the Gambling Commission to differentiate between the wide array of remote gaming techniques, PC, cell phone gambling and interactive gaming.

It also permits the study of player participation in different gaming activities that are available through these remote options, which have all grown in the past years. The study is entitled "Survey Data on Remote Gaming Participation" is available on the online site of the gaming commission.

Some of the important findings of the study are over the period of 4 quarters up to September 2007(total of results for December 2006, March 2007, June 2007 and September 2007), 8.7% from the 8,000 adult respondents who commented that they have at least played in one form of remote gaming like PC, cellular phones or interactive TV.

This compares with the 7.4% result of 2006. The remaining 91.35 of the survey respondents that said that they have not played in any form of remote gaming, disproving claims by remote gaming industry detractors that online gaming will cause people to become addictive to gaming. Those people that are interested in gaming will be more likely male than female and belonging to the 18-34 years old age bracket.

Remote gaming with the use of PC, laptop computer and other mobile devices was most widely used (6.7% of the adult respondents). It is followed by gaming with the use of mobile phones (2.7%) and interactive television(less than 2%).

The data provided in the study covers all forms of remote game. The survey is conducted every quarter, with the very first study published in February 2007. This is the 4th time the data was released which covered between October 2006 and September 2007.

Those people that have been surveyed are asked whether they have played in the Web through a Personal Computer, Laptop Computer or PDA; via SMS/or Online messaging on a cellular phone and via Interactive gaming. Those who do not wager are also asked to specify what type of gambling game they have done in the past.


22 2007