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Mobile Gaming in Victoria by Intralot

On November 23rd, 2007, gaming enthusiasts could enjoy cell phone gambling with the lottery on their cellular phones under a new gaming license given by the State Government to Greek gaming giant Intralot. A television bingo game every week could also be offered by the company under their license which was recently discussed by the State Parliament.

The gaming license could also be allow a lottery to be offered on the World Wide Web or retailed from stores, news agencies, supermarkets, post offices and vending machines. The additional games would add to the instant scratch lotteries Intralot has said it would offer. Other brand new Intralot games are Keno, Pick5, Heads or Tails, Cross and Match and Pick 3.

Intralot director Tony Sheehan commented that their company has no plans of offering Web or mobile phone lottery at the moment. Sheehan said that it is not in their plans at the moment and any games that they want to offer have to be approved by state officials. The expanded gaming license has angered critics.

Michael O'Brien from the Opposition said that it is now possible to even lose your own shirt without stepping out of your own home. Inter-Church Gambling Taskforce chairman Mark Zirnzak said that he was surprised with the new license of Intralot. He added that it just shows that government is more concerned with profit rather than the welfare of the Victorian residents.

Gaming Minister Tony Robinson commented that the new games that will be offered by Intralot would need to be approved by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation. Robinson added that the new options for retailing lotteries, even SMS, would also need to be approved by the Gaming Commission of Victoria. O'Brien said that the Parliament was already talking about whether to allow or not people who are drunk to wager on horse races or play poker to reduce gaming related problems.

Selling lottery to minors is also prohibited and violators will have to pay a $1,000 dollars fine. The government has ended the lottery monopoly of Tattersall's last month, permitting Intralot from Greece to enter the Victorian market by July 2008.

Last year, the Government won $330 million in lottery taxes and expects that amount to improve under the new gaming license that open the market to competition. Premier Brumby has promised that the predicted profit of more than $3 billion over a decade from the new lottery licenses from Intralot and Tattersall's would be allocated to health service.


04 2007