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Mobile Gaming Trials: Vegas Plans to Take a Shot

Field trials will begin at the Venetian Hotel-Casino this year, for the nation's first mobile gambling devices, handheld gadgets that will enable guests to play video slots, poker, blackjack and roulette from almost anywhere on the property.

Since the advent of coinless slot machines, the development promises to be the next big innovation in casino technology, an opportunity that will allow gamblers to play even through lunch at the buffet, during a meeting in the convention center or perhaps while waiting for "Blue Man Group" to start.

According to Asher, the first wave of the devices will be converted PDAs with 3-by-2-inch color screens, the brand of which he declined to disclose. Gamblers will have to show proof that they're over 21 and put a security deposit down via credit card, but any money wagered must come from either cash or from a line of credit with the hotel, per Nevada law forbidding charges to credit cards for gambling funds.

Unlike actual casino gambling machines, it's likely gamblers will be able to bet in any denomination they wish, though Asher said minimum and maximum limits, if any, have yet to be set.

Joseph Asher, managing director with Cantor Gaming said that according to the surveys, visitors spend an average of 3.5 hours of their days in Vegas gambling in the casino." "This will give them an opportunity to gamble when they're otherwise not allowed to gamble" Asher continued.

Cantor Gaming is a New York-based company that operates several online casinos and already has mobile gaming devices for sports betting in Britain.


Sunday, August 20, 2006