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Mobile Gaming Market on the Rise According to Rajter and Soderlund

Although the mobile gamblingmarket is considered to be one of the fastest developing gaming markets in the world, it is still considered to be not in the main stream. In an effort to change that misconception, two industry experts said that when correctly managed, it can become a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

On April 14th, 2008, speaking at the BetMarkets show in Vienna Austria, the Chief Executive Officer of Mobenga, Christian Rajter and the business development officer for NordicBet, Lars Soderlund, too a closer look to mobile gambling. Ratjer commented that the word "mobile" does not have to refer solely to the phone itself. It is a one-of-a kind channel, an alternative on how to reach more customers because it is usually carried by customers at all times.

Soderlund said that the number one reason why they have started looking into mobile gaming is to expand their customer base. The development in technology now allows operators to make a good mobile offering to their customers. He added that a lot of customers are now increasingly relying on their mobile phones as sources of information and that puts additional push to operators to make outstanding content.

But once this has been fulfilled, Soderlund said that this brand new source of profit could be utilized to debut brand new patterns like impulse wagering. Ratjer said that you should also set a limitation. Commit in using a strategy for the long-term and do not plan ahead, thinking that the mobile gambling industry will be the source of your income in the first year.

Although there are a lot of challenges when it comes with dealing in mobile industry, the two speakers agree that the mobile gaming industry gives a lot of profits.


05 2008