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Mobile Gaming Groups Expects Growth in Sales with Nokia N-Gage and iPhone's Debut

On October 10th, 2008, mobile gambling organizations say that they will book new sales from the Nokia N-Gage and Apple's iPhone but are wagering on a market improvement next year as more phones of these kinds are bought up by consumers. Nokia debut its N-Gage gambling service 6 monthsa go but it had gained little traction as playersd have to install the service to their mobile phones by themselves. What mobile gambling industry executives hopes for was a similar reception, as with the App store on iPhone, which gives customers easy access to acquire new games or other software.

While Apple has taked about releasing ten million iPhones on the market, Nokia's position as the leading mobile phone provider in the market gave it the opportunity to reach users at least ten times bigger. The mobile gambling market suffered an unexpect drop last year, with a lot of gaming developers and gaming analysts pointing to telecommunications operators' lack of investment in advertisement.

Greg Ballard, the chief executive of Glu Mobile, one of the biggest mobile gamlbing organizations said that merchandising has been the main problem point for the mobile games industry and the launch of brand new gaming platforms gives players a simple way to download games. N-Gage was a software gaming platform that allowed a single game, without any programming to be enjoyed across different mobile phone models and was one of the pillars of Nokia's brand new services strategy.

Ballard said that the N-Gage design's shows the insider's view on how to tackle the merchandising challenges that they have all seen in this market for so long. Nokia aims to ease the challenges that the mobile gaming industry's facing which is making the games easy to acquire for players. It was on the phone's home scree and featured free trial versions of games.

Electronic Art's Javier Ferreira, the head of mobile publishing in Europe said that in their perspective, all of the appropriate are already in place. He said that they are really excited about this gaming platform. Electronic Arts was the biggest mobile games provider after its $680 million dollars acquisition of Jamdat in 2006. Eitan Gelbaum, the VP at Amdocs, a software and services giver to telecom carriers. Gelbaum said that mobile games represent up to fifty percent of all downloads, while just eighteen months ago, the share of mobile games was thirty-five percent of all downloaded content.


11/18/2008, Tuesday