Mobile Gambling Games

With only few years in action the m-gambling industry had performed a marvelous change in the cellular content world; one of the biggest changes made came in the form of cellular gambling games. While most mobile companies were busy writing patents on graphical improvements for 3G phones, it was due to the resourcefulness of the mobile gambling industry that the public can now enjoy the wide variety of mobile casino games.

Before the age of mobile gambling, the average cellular user had only few java-based games to play, and since the public demanded improved games the cellular industry had to provide these as fast as possible. But, time passed with no real solution to the growing demand of the cellular public.

In 2002 the World Cup took place and it was the first time European citizens could place bets with their mobile cell phones. Soon many people subscribed to this service and entrepreneurs got the message – the future of mobile gaming lay in the hand of mobile gambling games.

It took less than two years and the 3G cell phones were lunched in the end of 2003, with casino games inside. In all new 3G phone you can find a game of poker or backgammon. But it was only the start.

After the gambling industry understood what the public really wants they urged software companies to develop platforms that would make it possible for gamblers to play they favorite games and bet at the same time without difficulty. Though 2004 was a year of problem solving it also gave the first versions of playable casino games such as roulette and baccarat.

Nowadays any gambler can download from the Internet his favorite casino games, which most of them are entirely free. With a click of a button you can download mobile-bingo/roulette/blackjack. There isn't even one single casino game that hasn't yet migrated to the mobile world. And every new week brings new surprising offers to mobile gamblers. This week's surprise is the Progressive Bingo, a new service that allows bingo fans to play and win the big jackpot – a jackpot that accumulates over time, a service unheard of before.

Hopefully more innovations would be presented in 2006, "the year of revenues" as put by one of the leading voices of the mobile gambling industry. For more information have a look at the Mobile Gambling Summit article.

Mike Goodman.
Guest Editor - 15th of December, 2005