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Mobile Games Approved For Players On The Go in Las Vegas

Gambling related games, like blackjack and bingo, could be soon available in mobile phones at Sin City Casinos with new regulations that approve the use of handheld gambling equipment.

Last Thursday, the Gambling authorities in Nevada allowed the use of handheld gambling equipments in public locations outside casino gambling halls, like restaurants and poolsides.

Sarah Steineker, 50 years old was elated by the news that she might be able to play her favorite game even without entering a gambling hall. She was stuck in her seat at a gaming machine as the jackpot for hotball reaches $14,490 dollars. She could still play even while she is eating at a restaurant but she thinks that she has to spend more in order to play on her mobile.

Portable bingo gaming devices like FortuNet Inc's BingoStar have been in existence since the 1990's and are currently available in 26 locations all over North America but the downside to it is that it is not allowed outside bingo halls.

But with the decision last Thursday, the state of Nevada became the first state in the United States to allow the use of handheld, portable bingo devices in public areas of casinos. The law change allows a multitude of games like bingo, poker, blackjack and horse race betting to be played in public for the first time with the exception that it cannot still be played in places that cannot be monitored like hotel rooms.

Those in favor of the decision say that the move will better use resort space that is increasingly being devoted to non-gambling activities like shopping, dining, clubbing and many more. The managing director of Cantor G and W (Nevada) LP, Joe Asher, which has pushed to legalize mobile gambling in the state of Nevada commented that the infrastructure like pools are not generating casinos any income and this mobile gambling is an alternative option that casinos can do to generate added revenue.

Big time players in the industry like Harrah's Entertainment Inc. and MGM Mirage Inc. and neighbourhood casino operator Station Casinos Incorporated said that they will first wait on what will be the initial effect of the new law before they consider on what action that they will take.

One of those who are hesitant to take any action for the moment is Boyd Gaming Corporation, whose business interests include the Stardust in Las Vegas and is the co-owner of Borgata in Atlantic City,New Jersey. They said that they are a little skeptical about the demand for hand-held gambling gadgets despite having electronic gadgets for bingo games in their Las Vegas properties.

Rob Still, who is the spokesman for Boyd said that even their company brought those gadgets for their bingo clientele, they did not exactly replace the paper. They are still uncertain about how much demand there might be in mobile gambling.

According to state senator Maggie Carlton, a Democrat from Las Vegas that taking gambling off in a controlled environment like the casinos will make it even harder to ensure that minors will not have the chance to wager and participate on it. Senator Carlton is the sole lawmaker who voted against the bill when it have passed the Legislature last year.

Manufacturers of handheld gambling devices suggested that biometric fingerprint readers and regulations limiting use to public areas are some of the ways that they can use to limit the use the of the devices to those only of legal age.

Mobile developer Cantor has already channeled millions of dollars into development. Fortunet said that if mobile gambling were approved, it would introduce more gaming options for its clients to install on their BingoStar handheld devices.

A manufacturer of automatic card shufflers, Shuffle Master Inc, has collaborated with SONA Mobile Holding Corporation, to manufacture a personal digital assistant (PDA) system that delivers its patented games like Ultimate Texas Hold'em and Three Card Poker.

The Chief Executive Officer of Shuffle Master, Mark Yoseloff said that this will allow the casino to increase the number of wagering positions in the casino without adding more bricks and mortar.


Monday, August 28, 2006