Mobile Gambling Summit 2006

The growing market of mobile gambling had caught everyone's attention during the last few years. Though cell gambling is not quite yet the profits maker it was thought to be, the New Year brings much hope to the industry's leaders. While 2005 was a year of problems solving and m-gambling legislation, which occupied much of the industry's men power, this year would bring the technological and constitutional break-through which everyone was expecting to happen in 2005.

The source for all information regarding mobile gambling is the European Mobile Gambling Summit of 2006, where revolutionary technological solutions would be discussed between world's experts, new method of marketing and charging would be published for the first time and much more. The Mobile Gambling Summit would take place at the luxuries Royal Garden Hotel which is located in the Kensington area in Hyde Park.

This year's summit would be the center of attraction: hundreds of professional workers of the m-gambling industry would be present there. Among them would be software developers, betting organizations, mobile network operators, content providers, billing and payment experts and so on. All of the main players of the m-gambling would be there to share and to learn how to benefit more from mobile gambling.

Despite the fact that the Mobile Gambling Summit is a gathering point for money makers it is not the only subject of their agenda. It is true that much of the Summit would be devoted for m-gambling regulations, latest developments and so on, but, for the first time, the leaders of this industry would discuss their social responsibilities toward the public of gamblers. New self restrictions are to be put by m-gambling operators and the Summit would be the place to learn the new ways, in which they are to resolve m-gambling problems, from addiction to age restrictions.

Also, governments officials, social organizations and gambling operators would sit and discuss important issues. The 26th and 27th of January would be the most interesting days of the cellular gambling trade, being in London at the end of January is a must for any mobile gambling business man.

Mike Naumann. Guest Editor - 3th of December, 2005