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The Mobile Gambling Device of Cantor Gaming at the Venetian Casino

On June 20th, 2008, a new batch gaming machines has arrived in Las Vegas casinos, placed in counter area of the Venetian like GameBoys which are available for the customers use. After a number of years spent on the research and manufacturing and securing the needed regulatory approvals, here comes a mobile gambling device that can be considered as a miniature gaming facility that are fully encased in hard rubber with a touch screen.

The Venetian casino is the only gaming facility that features this mobile gaming device. The gaming device is made by Cantor Gaming, which features online casino and mobile betting in Britain. It started developing the mobile gaming device for the U.S. market almost 5 years ago. Cantor Gaming is front runner on the growing mobile gaming industry supported a proposal in the state legislature of Nevada in 2005 to allow for mobile gambling devices and cooperated with regulators for around two years to make the needed regulations and finished the product.

After almost a year and a half of testing the mobile gaming device in the Gaming Control Board's laboratory, a field trial was given the go signal for the mobile gambling devices at the Venetian, where low-limit wager will take place under the supervision of the Gambling Control Board in the next few months. If it works as expected, the Venetian casinos and the other casinos on the Las Vegas strip will be allowed to offer the device on all pf the public areas of the casino like shopping malls and others. But the device cannot leave the property of the casino and the hotel room of the customer will be one of the off-limit areas.

Cantor Gaming, which is a subsidiary of the global bond dealing company Cantor Fitzgerald, is known all over the world for making fast pace games and offer basic technique recommendations like in poker on which card hands that you need to keep and set aside.

For the time being, the devices, which are a part of 3 month field trial with the Gambling Control Board, will only work within the high limit slots area of the Venetian casino and will not work if the customer will take it beyond the slots lounge. Casino technicians have installed a Wi-Fi service on the slots area so that customers will have the freedom to play on whatever area of the slots lounge they want.


News Released: 30 2008