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Mobile Gambling in Britain is On the Rise

On August 1st, 2007, the current statistics of the Gambling Commission show a growing interest in mobile gambling.

The number of customers that are logging online to place a wager in Britain is on the rise, according to the PA News assessment of the current Gambling Commission statistical studies in the United Kingdom.

The customer surveys that are done this year up to June 2007 show that 8.6% percent of gamblers had taken part in at least one form of gambling during the past month, improved from the 7.4% percent shown from the polls for the calendar year of 2006.

The latest statistics gathered and arranged by the Gambling commission from their surveys shows that the British national lottery remains to be one of the most popular forms of gambling in the country followed closely by poker.

In the first four quarters up to June, about 6.7% percent of the adult respondents on the survey stated that they have placed bets or gambled using a PC, laptop or any handheld device like a PDA, a Blackberry or others in the past month, which have improved from 5.2% percent that are recorded in the survey done by the Gambling Commission last year.

Cellular phone gambling is increasing too, with 3% percent of the adult respondents stating in the survey that they have at least used their mobile device as a wagering tool once a month.

Betting by interactive or digital television has also shown significant increase from 1.7% percent to 1.8% percent. The studies by the Gambling Commission also shows that mobile gamblers are most likely to male players belonging at the 18 and 34 years old age bracket.


16 2007