Mobile betting news

Mobile Casinos Now Available

Some online casino companies are already getting ready to reinvent casino playing as the gambling world is about to take another giant step forward.

From plain casinos to online casinos, now come mobile casinos. These mobile casino games are now available for download and mobile phones.

The new mobile casino games would not be very different from the popular online casino games. In fact, the account that the users use in their personal computer can also be used for their mobile casinos, making it, in essence, just a mobile extension of their familiar games.

Blackjack, slots and roulette are just three of the games now being offered for mobile casino gaming. These games are available for play or cash games.

The new mobile casino offering will be available on more than 300 models of mobile phones. New technology on mobile phones will ensure that the games will have quality graphics, as well as tough security.

Online casino players can download the software for the mobile casino to their phones from online casino sites making use of this new offering and play interchangeably on their PCs and phones. The mobile casino offering will be marketed well across Europe.


Monday, December 04, 2006