Mobile Betting

Mobile betting revenues

According to recent research the use of cell phone betting on lotteries and competitions is expected to generate the astonishing amount of $788 in revenues millions till the end of 2006. Latest research preformed by Jupiter Research shows that lotteries are very easy to do and are very low cost. Lotteries also appear to come out very popular in every research. Paul Skeldon, a senior analyst at Jupiter Research claims that the growth in the UK national lottery is mostly attributed to mobile betting.

Although Jupiter's research doesn't break down by countries, it is still very clear that the UK is a major promoter. Online lotteries alone are expected to generate more than $5 billion. Skeldon suspects that mobile lotteries are expected to reach similar proportions, though not sum. At the moment casinos are still the smallest portion of the mobile gambling pie. Mobile betting revenues are still mostly composed of lotteries and sports betting. Casino games somehow still fail to attract enough players.

Of course the research stresses out that for this forecast to actualize, the right regulatory and legislative conditions must be met. The biggest obstacle now day's is the implementations of regulatory rules. Skeldon claims that trying to ban mobile betting raises the same issues as with online betting. One think is certain, mobile betting's golden age is still ahead of it!

Xavier Gonzales, Editor.