Mobile Betting

Mobile Betting Football

You know the feeling. You sit with friend around the TV, a few beers, good times, and the football game. And then you say to some one that you wish you had remembered to place a bet on the game, since you had a good feeling for the Dallas Cowboys. Or may be you just did not have the time. Think how easy it would be to hear the game on the radio or watch it at home on the television, and then, when you have a good feeling on the game. Send in the bet that you want to make through your cellular phone is now easier than ever!

All you have to do is enroll in the service, and now it is as easy as sending an SMS! When you have done this you will receive regular updates by phone on all the great games, bets you can make and much more. Of course, once this was not possible, but the technology that has made it possible has led gambling to this point. You need not be at the game to make a bet, or even call in, all you have to do is to send an SMS to the bet council and they will send in the bet for you.

Presented to you by Lynne Ganymede 05.07.05