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Mobile Betting Expected to Jump Higher by 2011

Juniper Research, a UK based industry analysts released their fearless forecast regarding about the future of mobile betting industry. The analysts was reported by the online site of The reported stated that mobile betting industry will jump from two billion to twenty three billion by 2011.

The rise in mobile betting is mainly credited to the popularity increase of mobile lotteries. Industry experts expect that mobile lotteries are expected to be the foremost mobile betting method. It will hold the forty one percent share of the total mobile bet spending till the year 2011.

The finding of the research connects to the newly formed betting ventures in mobile such as Las Vegas Sands decision to add mobile betting services. The Las Vegas Sands now offers mobile betting of roulette, poker and slots as an added attraction to their Venetian casino.

Nevada Gaming Commission had given a regulated approval to the casino company. And as a good news, the players are now allowed to play and gamble on mobile phones in any public locations in the state.

According to Bruce Gibson, the Research Director at Juniper Research, among the other reasons of increase in mobile betting is credited by the removal of legislation restrictions off the cellular gaming industry.

The mobile betting industry has higher potential because in the key areas such as USA restrictions are lifted.

Another add on is the anticipation of the further development of mobile games with the use of 3G features and the popularity of 3G enabled mobile phones.

The services are popular now a day and the services will likely to improve with more attractive layout, better design and greater graphics thus attracting a wider array of market.

Richard Thompson, managing editor of stated that the service of mobile betting for 3G mobile enable cell phones is now available and being offered at some popular online gaming sites. And Thompson added that the mobile betting industry is still new and it still has many great things to offer for future mobile phone gamblers. Thompsons view is in harmony with the popular trend and with the research presented by Gibson.

Gibson further explained that they are anticipating that betting through mobile phones will push the mobile gambling to the higher heights. This will provide a broader but lower stake market for existing market channels. Mobile betting will open new doors and fresher opportunities for market growth as long as the legislation permits.


Saturday, August 19, 2006