mLotto mobile lottery successful mobile betting services

The mobile lottery, a UK software and servies company specialising in mobile applications which was created by mLotto Ltd is probably one of the most successful enterprises of the mobile betting industry with thousands of British players that participates in the draws every day. The prizes vary and can go up to 2 million pounds for a single play. The mobile lottery is promoted by the Mobile Internet Society which is registered with the Gaming Board for Great Britain, but it's not a part of the National Lottery and it's accessible only to mobile gamblers.

With the use of a highly sophisticated WAP site and crediting methods the Mobile Lottery Company makes sure that no underage users use their mobile betting services. The company has a long history of honest lottery games and as for now they produce the best service for mobile betting. Also, the Mobile Lottery donates 20% of its profits to various charities such as The Alzheimer Society, The British Red Cross, The Children's Society and many other companies as well.

All you have to do in order to use their betting service is to deposit 5 pounds and create an account at their site. After you've done this you can participate in the draws for one pound each, a reasonable fee for the chance to win 2 million pounds. For more information you can check

Marx Kinney Chief of Editorial Staff 10th of January - 2006