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Mkodo to Fulfill Sky Bets Mobile Gaming Needs

Leading British pay TV gaming organization Sky announced on January 30th, 2009 that their wagering feature on Sky Bet is in its final stage of development for its debut on the mobile betting platform of Mkodo. The mobile gambling site, which will soon expand its presence in the gambling market, will strengthen the current World Wide Web, interactive gaming television and telephone gaming offering to its loyal patrons.

For its debut in the gaming industry, Sky Bet has picked Mkodo as its gaming partner. Mkodo is already responsible for Blue Square, BBC and Turner Broadcasting mobile services. The senior product manager of Sky Bet, Pritpal Bairns said that mobile betting channel is important to their company's long-term goals so they have made a momentous decision to solidify and improve their gaming products in this competitive gaming market.

Mr. Pritpal Bairns said that they have picked Mkodo because they firmly believe that both sides will benefit from this partnership. Mkodo also possess a sterling and outstanding reputation as a gaming supplier in the gambling market. The Mkodo group has a lot of experience with the mobile gaming industry and commercial location. This can be seen with the seamless and fantastic management of the gambling project and Mkodo's unwavering professionalism.

Aside from that, Mkodo has finalized a partnership with Orbis Technology, solidifying the organization's capability to fully provide bookmakers the chance to give gamers mobile betting opportunities.


03/09/2009, Monday