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MGS Announces Buyout of Bowman Holdings

Mobile gaming solutions or, MGS, an interactive gambling organization which features wagering and different casino table games which their customers can directly access with their mobile phones, has announced to the public their buyout of online gaming organization Bowman Holdings.

The two gaming organizations signed the agreement on August 10th, 2007 but the agreement must still be approved by the shareholders of Mobile gaming solutions before it is finalized.

The collaboration between MGS and Bowman Holdings will give MGS permanent access to the customer database of Bowman Holdings Limited International.

MGS will also be able to benefit from reputation and presence of Bowman Holdings in growing gambling market and online poker, casino and bookmaker customers like in Europe, South African and Asia. Bowman Holdings also has corporate offices in the Isle of Man and in the countries of Mauritius and Curacao.

Juha Kiikeri, the Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Gaming Solutions, said that MGS and Bowman Holdings will benefit from the buyout and not just on the financial side of both companies.

Bowman Holdings as a license provider for Internet gambling solutions matches exactly their business needs. Aside from that, MGS is also able to put themselves in a good position as a top provider of both online and mobile gambling solutions.


24 2007