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Mfuse to Give Mobile Betting Options to William Hill PLC and SkyBet

On September 19th, 2008, the mobile wagering technology provider in which Boss Media-G-Tech has an interest, Mfuse, has been tasked by William Hill PLC and SkyBet to give individual mobile sports wagering facilities, welcoming all kinds of betting like fixed-odds, spread betting, exchange and in-running. In the terms of the three year agreement, the Mfuse platform will be linked to the existing back-end system of William Hill and Sky Bet and will help both operators to attract new players who can sign-up directly with their cellular phones without ever needing to log-in on a desktop computer, while the Mfuse NOVO Transact will continuously update the data in real time to the mobile handset of the customer.

Mfuse will also give a downloadable Java version of the service as early as 2009, allowing players to utilize the live in-play wagering. The service will also allow players to react immediately on the probability and price movement. Mfuse marketing director Charles Palmer said that their gaming platform has paved the way for an important breakthrough in mobile sports by allowing players access to a working but entertaining and simple to use gaming experience.

Palmer said that they are committed to continue developing reliable mobile technology and give their customers a high level of support. Richard Flint, the managing director of Sky Betting and Gaming, said that this is a memorable opportunity for Sky Bet. He said that they have picked Mfuse because the company has a vast experience in producing a gaming solution for the mass market. They also work with most Internet bookmakers and fully understand the Orbis Openbet, the gaming software that Sky Bet works on.


05 2008