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Mfuse Collaborates With British Sports Betting Giant William Hill for Mobile Offering

On September 25th, 2008, Britain-based mobile phone provider Mfuse has recently announced a three year collaboration to give mobile wagering services to British Internet casino and sports wagering giant William Hill. Mfuse stated that the first offering would be a sportsbetting option for mobile Internet that will be launched later this year using its provisioning and transaction technology to give the majority of the feature currently found on the Internet like complex wagering types, in-running betting and credit and debit card deposit and withdrawals.

The gaming platform will be directly linked to the present back-end system to help William Hill attract new customers who can log-in directly to their accounts with the use of their mobile phones without needing to find a PC to log-in. The three year agreement will also see Mfuse give William Hill a downloadable version of its service by 2009 to allow players to take advantage of mobile wagering. This service will also give players the opportunity to react with changing odds and costs from their own home.

Mr. Charles Palmer, the Marketing Director for Mfuse said that they are fully committed with continuing developing the possibilities of mobile betting technology and giving out products with a high standard of support. He added that this goal has help their company to work conscientiously with industry leaders over the past years and their partnership with William Hill will only help them improve their company and reach their goals in the near future.


10/06/2008, Monday