Betting till the last minute

The betting and gambling industry has gone through tremendous changes during the last decade. Many gambling conventions were changed and broken along the years with the rise of online gambling. You no longer need to get out of your home in order to place a bet or play your favorite casino game. Online bookmakers and casinos around the world offer odds you could not even dream off when gambling was a monopoly of large casino resorts and local bookies. One convention still stood through the tide of changes - you can not place a bet on an event that has already started.

All this is about to change with the introduction of a new service by a German cellular operator 02 together with the telecom giant Siemens. Their new Active betting service has debuted during this summers soccer World Cup. 02's subscribers were able to bet on the outcome of the games till their final stages.

This amazing new feature has raised much interest and concern from mobile betting operators around the world. Most agree that this service is worth attention and further research but some claim that its financial profitability is problematic. Of course none contend that this is not a major step forward for betting lovers.

The new mobile betting technology supports most types of sports event except those who take less than a few minutes, as it takes about a minute to place a new bet. Games like football, baseball, soccer and such are ideal for active betting from the same reason that makes 100 meter dashes unsuitable.

The new wonder does not require any human intervention during the process of the game. The system follows the bets placed during the game and adjusts the odds accordingly. For instance, in the last World Cup Brazil has scored a goal near the end of the first half. The bets in favor of Brazil have shot up in seconds. The system lowered the odds in favor of Brazil and simultaneously increased the odds in favor of Germany.

Darren B. King, Editorial Staff 2005-10-30