New Jersey's Legislators Support Mobile Betting Services

During a legislature hearing on the 2nd of March, the legislators and regulators of New Jersey have stated that they are devoted to change current laws and gambling policy in order to make possible the use of mobile betting services in Atlantic City's casinos. The use of such services would allow the casinos to compete well against casinos in Native American reservations and in Nevada, which already declared mobile betting services "honest and reliable".

As Nevada is moving forward to finally approve its mobile betting regulations on the 23rd of March, the legislators of New Jersey are moving straight ahead to make sure that the casinos in the state will not stumble behind other casinos in the US. Such regulation would clearly put a turn to the US's current mobile betting policy.

Linda Kassekert, the chairwoman of New Jersey's Casino Control Commission said the following: "even though no casino operative in Atlantic City has shown any sign that it wants to offer mobile betting services, we already began to examine it and I am certain it is an issue that will be put on the table in the next few months."

The approval of mobile betting regulations would need to be authorized by the Legislature and Governor Jon Corzine, and as for now the discussion of introducing mobile betting devices to Atlantic City's casinos have only just started. Further updates would be given by when the state's legislators would assemble again in the near future.

Mike Mendelson - Staff Writer