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Intralot Criticized for Mobile Lottery in NSW

On November 27th, 2007, Greek gaming leader Intralot has draw criticism in Australia with their plan to allow Australians living in Victoria to buy lottery tickets with the use of their mobile phones.

The head of Intralot, John Katakis, only recently confirmed their plan to sell lottery tickets with the use of SMS. Katakis commented that if it will helped players have a better gaming option, then why not should their company offer the service. He added that using the mobile gambling option has been in demand nowadays and it is not what they want, it is the market that is demanding for it.

Katakis said that they have the resources and capability to give this type of service. If the current trend is a good demand for mobile gaming, then they will do everything they can to meet that demand.

Tony Sheehan, Intralot's Australian director and the government officials of Victoria have tried to soften the issue that there is any chance of lottery being offered on mobile phones because this is a critical issue because of the chance that a minor can access this gaming offering.

The government included SMS and mobile distribution within the accepted methods stated in the license given to Intralot. Once the lottery is offered on mobile phones and players get used to buying gaming services through their mobile phones, other services will be offered.


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