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Interactive Gaming Market Developer Zone4Play Discusses Their Plans for 2007

On April 2, 2007, the Zone4play Company, a well-known developer in the interactive gaming market, discussed their plans for 2007. Zone4Play has recently re-evaluated their business operations and plans to focus the company's resources and attention to 2 of their products. One of their products is the Winter Channel and its outstanding multiplayer Blackjack game software.

The Winner Channel is a mix of cross platform wagering brand that is managed by Zone4Play and by 2 way media and combines the most proficient online services and TV distribution. There has been noticeable growth in the demand for the service.

Zone4Play plans to join the television gaming industry and make their own television gaming content by forming new partnerships or tie-ups with market leaders. Zone4Play also believes that the British Gambling Act, which is scheduled to be enforced in September 2007, will permit remote gambling offerings like casino games and the Winner Channel offering will be the main beneficiary of the new laws.

The company also plans to widen their multiplayer Blackjack gaming industry. Zone4Play is in the midst of developing their first ever Blackjack network.

Shimon Citron, the Zone4Play's CEO and President commented that they firmly believe that the company's profitability and market strength lies in its ability to adapt to ongoing changes in the gambling market.

While their focus over the years has been in the mobile gambling market, they are now focusing on developing their interactive games for television, especially in the United States.


18 2007