Mobile Betting Expected to Increase by more than 1000% in the Next Five Years

On May 30, 2006, UK industry analysts Juniper Research released their forecast concerning the future of mobile gambling, stating that mobile betting will rise from $2bn to $23bn by 2011. This rise in mobile betting is attributed mainly to the rise in mobile lotteries, which are expected to become the major mobile betting method, holding 41% share of the total mobile betting spending until 2011.

The research findings correlate with newly formed mobile betting ventures, such as the Las Vegas Sands decision to add mobile betting services like roulette, slots and poker to their famous Venetian casino. The casino company received regulation approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission, and can now allow players to gamble on mobile phones in public locations of the state.

Among other reasons, the rise in mobile betting is attributed to removing legislation constraints off of the cellular gambling industry, according to the author of the report, and the Research Director at Juniper Research, Bruce Gibson. He states that the mobile betting industry has a "higher potential where restrictions on mobile gambling are lifted in key markets such as the USA.”

Another boost for mobile casino games is anticipated in the report by the further development of 3G services and mobile phone. These services are likely to have a better look and design, with higher graphics, thus attracting a wider customer array.

According to Gibson, "We anticipate that the mobile channel will push gambling services out to a broader/lower stake market than existing channels, offering opportunities for market growth where legislation permits”. This research is expected to create new mobile gambling businesses other than present offered mobile betting services.

Richard Thompson - Managing Editor