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Illegal Betting Ring Raided in Kolkata India

In India on March 31, 2007, police officers from Kolkata raided a betting ring that was involved in the ongoing Cricket World Cup. The officers arrested 3 bookmakers from Baguihati, located in the northern area of the city.

Acting on a tip, the police officers raided the residence owned by Anil Bagaria, in Baguihati. According to CID sources, Anil Bagaria then pointed to Praveen Kochar and Rajesh Agarwal in his confession to the officers.

CID officers also confiscated one laptop computer and a mobile phone used by the bookmakers in conducting their business of illegal betting on the Cricket World Cup. Cell phones are widely being used for mobile gambling so bookmakers do not need to meet up with their customers, they just communicate over the phone, thus avoiding police detection.

Reliable sources also stated that the bookmakers were in direct contact with their fellow illegal betting ring accomplices from Delhi and Mumbai. Police officers suspect that the bookmakers are also involved in Hawala Transactions. They are investigating whether the bookmakers have any connections overseas.


12 2007