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Hop-On Pleased With House Judiciary Committees Hearing on Mobile Gaming

On November 30th, 2007, Hop-on Incorporated, a developer and manufacturer of cellular phones and accessories and a creator of mobile gambling technology is happy about the development at the House Judiciary Committee's hearing regarding the state of online gaming for not making a definite decision.

The House hearing concluded with the resolution that Internet gaming is an interesting issue that should be given more attention by the legislature, state governors and state lawyers. This gives the organization a chance to establish a foothold in the market before competitors.

Poker pro Annie Duke, gave some of the interesting testimony, saying that a government regulations should help to protect online gamers. She said that players should be allowed to decide for their own on whether they should want to play online or not.

An authority in international trade law, Professor Joseph Weiler, commented that the U.S. could not allow legal online gaming from American based companies while prohibiting it from outside countries because that goes against the agreement with the World Trade Organization.

As the lone U.S. handset manufacturer currently making software, licensing and laws for online gaming with the use of cellular phones, Hop-on Incorporated is answering the growing demand. By getting wagers from both the U.S. and other World Trade Organization counties, Hop-on will keep tax dollars for the U.S. while make sure that their customers can bet in the most up-to-date and safe environment.

Hop-on Incorporated President Peter Michaels said that they know that the current administration will not make a definite decision on online gaming. This will give them the opportunity to receive a license from legitimate governments to take bets from U.S. and other World Trade Organization countries without any competitors entering their market.


09 2007