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Hop-On to License Mobile Gambling Software in Europe and other Countries

On January 15th, 2009, Hop-on announced that their launch of, a live interactive mobile gambling/real casino gaming experience in real time at the 2009 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada was a big success. The President and Chief Executive Officer of Hop-On, Peter Michaels said that they are very happy that they are well-received by a lot of countries interested in their gaming technology and they will be soon entering into multiple license negotiations for their gaming software.

Hop-On will be licensing their Mobile Gaming Software throughout Europe and other countries in the world where remote gaming is allowed, secure and fully regulated. The New 3G wireless technologies and mobile phones will play a vital role in the improvement of the mobile gaming market by making it more accessible and secure. These new networks and mobile phones will allow real-time, interesting and player-to-player wagering to be possible.

Peter Michaels added that he firmly believe that Hop-On can benefit from the multi-million dollar interactive gaming industry. He said that cable and television networks have approached them to showcase their products for a live-gambling channel. People who had existing casino facilities in the Caribbean and South America asked them about the licenses to start-up interactive poker rooms. Peters said that they even had some countries requesting them to make a presentation of their products in their countries to help inject fresh capital into their economy.


03/01/2009, Sunday