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Hop-On Incorporated Versus European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson

On November 13th, 2007, Hop-On Incorporated, a developer of mobile phones and accessories, answered the claims made by the European Union Trade Commissioner. EUT Commissioner Peter Mandelson commented that he personally believes that the United States must modify the gaming regulation that prevents companies in Europe from selling their services in the country. He will go to the Capitol Hill to discuss the problem with the American legislators. But Hop-on plans to block this move.

The company, through its president Peter Michaels is planning to speak out in order to protect the American mobile gaming industry from foreign companies and to make sure that millions of dollars in profits and taxes will remain in the country. Since the U.S. Congress has approved a broad online gaming ban, gaming companies in the European Union have petitioned for a compensation of $100 billion for being not allowed entry in the U.S. gaming market.

As the lone U.S. handset developer which also makes software and licensing and regulations for online gaming via cellular phones, Hop-on is answering the growing demand for the mobile market. Hop-on Incorporated will accept wagers from WTO Nations to prevent any lawsuit from being filed against the United States. Hop-on Incorporated getting wagers will keep millions of dollars in the U.S.

Peter Michaels said that it is astonishing that foreign companies are trying to sue the U.S. regarding this issue. He said that there is no need for their country to bend to outsiders regarding this matter when their company can offer top class mobile gaming services. He added that they are willing to accept wagers from countries that are a member of the WTO while continuing to pay the government taxes as a U.S. based company.


25 2007