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Hop-On Incorporated Looks for Mobile Gaming Software Distributors

On December 11th, 2007, Hop-on Incorporated, a developer and marketer of mobile phones and accessories and mobile gambling technology is looking for software distributors all over the world that can be their partner with as "Casino Hosts" to license and distribute Hop-on's mobile gambling program and online casino network.

According to the research made by Juniper Research, mobile gaming and interactive betting are one of the fastest improving market segments and are expected to produce more than $12 billion in total bets by 2010. Gambling on cellular phones is becoming more substantial than X-Box, Nintendo Wii and iPhone. Hop-on has given a license to a big European Union company and is looking for potential licensees in the European continent and the Asian continent, as well as looking for new opportunities in the North and South American continent.

Hop-on's Casino Host will give a license and give all of the needed materials for the players to enjoy games like baccarat, poker, blackjack and roulette through live streaming in real-time through mobile gaming channels. As an independent distributor, Casino Hosts will sell gaming packages like prepaid cards for players to bet with, with all the important software to run the casino on mobile phones, as well as special programs for customers joining the Player's Club.

Hop-on Peter Michaels said that the interactive mobile wagering program will be big. There is absolutely no need for players to buy costly computers or gambling systems, when they can utilize their cellular phones to play with casino games anywhere. Casino Hosts will help players with the different parts of mobile gaming.


26 2007