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HipCricket Incorporated Collaborates With Several Broadcasting Organizations on Mobile Marketing

On July 10, 2007, HipCricket Incorporated, a mobile marketing organization that develops real time connections between market advertisers and their customers and business prospects, announced new agreements with several broadcasting organizations like Hubbard Radio, Triad Broadcasting Company, Perry Broadcasting Inc, Press Communications, Sandusky Radio Seattle and South Central Radio Group.

The broadcasting organization, which is the representatives of the 43 radio stations in the top 50 US radio markets, will exclusively avail of HipCricket's interactive marketing solution to boost their profits by offering their marketers a good level of connectivity with their customers with the use of mobile text message marketers.

The CEO of HipCricket, Ivan Braiker, said that their partners joined forces with HipCricket for 3 reasons: support, results and profits. He said that they help their clients create interesting campaigns and marketing strategies to attract more customers and use the latest technology to accomplish these goals.

In the face of a gradual decline of advertising profits in the radio industry, vital stations in more than half of the top US industry are betting that HipCricket will help them increase their profits. One client reported that their average monthly profits from their mobile add-ons are $50,000 in the NTR or the Non Traditional Revenue.

Marc Kaye, the Vice President and General Manager of Sandusky in Seattle, said that advertisers want to create lasting relationships with their market base, not just inundate them with information. With HipCricket, they can achieve that goal with the help of the latest technology, like the mobile phone.

With a 40% response rate from customers to campaign and a potential market of 136 million US citizens who use their mobile phones for different things, Hip Cricket expects that the demand for interactive mobile gambling and marketing expands as both advertisers and different brands look for other ways to connect with their customers.

The collaboration between HipCricket and the radio organizations is another great development for HipCricket with the help of their annual 200% client improvement and the mobile marketing industry.


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