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High-End Betting Racket in New Delhi Discovered by Authorities

On March 23, 2007, a state-of-the art illegal cricket betting racket, which based their operations at a Hyundai Santro Xing Car built with an LCD television, was discovered when the police officers arrested 2 bookmakers.

The car was parked at the PP Towers, northwest of New Delhi in Wazirpur when it was discovered by authorities. The suspects were caught in the act by the authorities, while booking wagers on the matches between India and Sri Lanka at World Cup of Cricket. Neeraj Thakur from the DCP Crime Branch said that to fool police officers, bookmakers have refrained from operating in rented rooms and residences and are using cars instead to do their activities.

Bookmakers are frequently changing the cars they use and making sure that they are never parked in the same area so that they will not be discovered. The suspects have been arraigned under the existing Delhi Gambling Act and are located at the Saraswati Vihar Police Department.

An undercover customer was sent to transact with the suspects at the Santro car. As soon as the deal was closed between the 2 parties, the suspects were arrested by police officers. The officers have confiscated high-tech mobile phones. Mobile gambling is currently prevalent in India.

Officers also confiscated voice recorders, calculators, betting records and satta slips from the suspects. Officers also said that the suspects have connections to international bookmaker groups and the ball-by-ball rate of satta was announced to customers by the bookmakers via mobile phones.

The suspects have been identified as Vikrant Gupta from Shalimar Bagh and Anil Garg from Rohino. The 2 are cousins that come from well-to-do families.


Thursday, April 05, 2007