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The Growth of the Mobile Gaming Industry in Europe

On March 24th, 2008, mobile betting has been normal so far but a mixture of three important factors means that this divisions of the industry is now about to blast off. The primary partner of Global Betting Consultants in his demonstration held at the M for Mobile Gaming Conference in London, Warwick Bartlett said that the three vital factors was an advantageous opportunity for the mobile gaming industry. He added that more high-end phones are being made nowadays and this will be a good opportunity for companies to launch mobile gaming applications.

The usual Internet and land-based gaming business has now reached its full potential and gaming organizations were eager to develop new products that they can offer to the other parts of the gaming industry. Gambling companies like Ladbrokes, William Hill and others are cashing in heavily on the mobile gaming industry and are willing to spend a lot in order to promote the gaming industry. Software makers have also finally listened to their patrons and made software products that can be easily understood by players.

Bartlett said that the mobile gaming market will grow by 26 percent by the year 2012 with the Asian continent representing the sixty-seven percent of the whole gaming market, the British market taking up eleven percent with the rest of the European continent taking up twenty-two percent.

But Bartlett said that with the growing mobile industry, social responsibility will be the main issue here because the industry must also make some ways on how to ensure that only players that are eighteen years old and above can play casino games with their mobile phones.


22 2008