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Good Results for Mobile Carrier Probability

On October 26th, 2007, the results for the 2nd quarter of the year for British mobile gaming Probability, PLC featured good initial operating revenue for September 27th, 2007 and increased earnings and member sign-ups.

Important performance factors released by Chief Executive Officer Charles Cohen showed the VIP patrons played a huge role in Probability getting its good results. Probability reported net gaming profits up to 34% to GBP 675,413 and 15% improvement in new player sign-ups of 29,914, upping the customer base to 228,902. The company has cash reserves of GBP 1.1 million.

The improvement in players created good results but the company's results for the previous two months of the year was improved by the debut of the by invitation VIP area for mobile casino patrons. It is known as the Private Room at Lady Luck's. Net gambling profits of GBP 20,000 per VIP customer are not questionable in this part, Cohen said with an average of GBP 1,500 from all the VIP customers.

Keeping these VIP customers is important for the company. Improvement of bingo and slots offering has continued to affect the gross profits of the company. Offering different casino games to bingo and slots enthusiasts has improved and continues to influence the growth in net gambling profits.

Cohen remains hopeful of the future but said that caution must be exercised. Probability has also experienced a good month in October and is hoping to benefit from additional profits on the coming quarter from their partnership with Blue Square.

Blue Square is the online wagering and gambling division of Rank. Under the agreement, Blue Square customers will be able to enjoy roulette, blackjack and other casino games offered by Probability on their mobile phones or other mobile devices using their existing account on Blue Square.

Probability will get a share of the gambling revenues that they have produced. Probability, PLC was listed on AIM in August 2006 and the Probability is licensed in Alderney. Their technology offers an array of casino, bingo and slot games that are available over 2,800 mobile phones. Probability's mobile e-wallet will manag all the payments of the customers.


08 2007