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Golden 8 Slot Game Launched for Mobile

New mobile slot software was launched by Slot Land online casino. After the successful launching of two real money slot games for mobile units, they have launched third mobile slot game, the Golden 8 online casino slot game.

Golden 8 slots were already popular amongst online casino players and this led Slot Land Casino to release the game for the mobile gambling market. The game is currently available on WAP gambling sites for PDA's and mobile phones.

According to Martin Smith, the marketing manager, the slot game being played in online casinos draws the crowd of adult casino players as not all adults own mobile compatible game handsets while the youngsters who may not even had a chance to play a real slot game treats their mobile units as a way of entertainment.

The online casino representative explained that the slot software in mobile units are directly inter connected to the games on the casino online site. As another bonus the Golden 8 slot games for mobile offers huge progressive jackpots.

As compared playing the game online, no one playing in the mobile casino game has ever won a jackpot but there is still a big chance that players can win by playing in their mobile devices.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006