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Gaming International Sells Instructional Cards On Roulette

Pam Butler and Ted Gottlieb, former casino dealers, have been helping a lot of players learn the rules of the roulette games by selling instructional cards.

Other instructional cards are also available for black jack and other table games.

The sets instructional cards are being sold at five dollars at wholesale to the casinos. And each package can be is can be sold at ten dollars with a freebie of fifteen dollars worth of casino chips to let the players especially the new ones to start their play.

Thirty casinos, cruises and hotels have signed up for the instructional cards. The latest casino is the Hyatt in Incline Village while the Harrah's in Lake Tahoe has used the service for seven years.

Norwegian Cruiselines is the oldest client of the instructional cards of the Gaming International.

Ten million packs of instructional cards had been sold since the launch of instructional game cards that had been known to many as the win card package.

Gaming International sells the instructional cards to casinos for $5 a set and has already reached a level of $650,000 in annual revenues. According to Ted Gottlieb, the common strategies printed on the instructional cards are from a consortium of gaming experts.

Media West owner Brian Williams said "Over the years, we've seen him expand the endorsement and distribution of the win card products into the international gaming industry market. (This is) not an easy task by any means, let alone, one for a relatively speaking mom-and-pop company."

The instructional game cards are available worldwide at select casinos.


Thursday, October 05, 2006