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Gaming Commission Study Shows Increase in Online, Mobile Gaming

On August 18th, 2008, In Britain, the Gambling Commission has publicly announced that the number of individuals participating in online or mobile gambling has remained the same from a year ago despite the growth of television advertising regarding gaming.

The Gambling Commission was established under the Gambling Act of 2004 with the task of regulating wagering and remote gaming. It commissioned a study on June 2008 of 8,000 adults which found out that only 8.8% had participated in at least one form of gaming through their personal computer, mobile phone and interactive/digital television in the previous month, the same total as in 2007.

New legislation that went into effect in September 2007 made Internet casinos more accessible and gave gambling groups the option to buy television advertising. A lot of anti-gaming critics that this exposure will only increase the number of people playing in online casinos in Britain and increase the problem of gambling addiction.

The most recent study found out that those players participating in remote gaming are more likely to be male aged eighteen years old to forty-four years old. But the study also found out that there is a slight increase in female players with the rate from 6.0% last year to 6.5% in 2008.

Excluding those players that only played the National Lottery, the Gambling Commission's study showed that 5 percent of its respondents had participated in online gaming while 6.2% played remotely on lottery tickets for the National Lottery draw in the previous month either solely or together with other forms of gaming activity.

It also shows that remote gaming with the use of a personal computer, mobile device was the most popular with 6.9% stating that they had participated in gaming this way followed by mobile telephone at 2.3% and interactive television at 2%.


31 2008