Mobile betting hazards

The future of betting lies in mobile phones, as latest researches claims that until the year 2009 the mobile gambling market's revenues are estimated to be $19.3 billion. While this news might give pleasure to some, others are concerned about the sources of this leap of profits.

The mobile betting industry's high accessibility is the main reason for its high revenues. While the high accessibility is the core pride of this commerce, that is also its greatest problem. The high openness allows youth to bet using mobile phones. As of now the mobile gambling industry lacks the means to block underage users.

A large social responsibility now lay on these gamble-content companies. If one think that having a credit card is a sufficient way in order to prevent underage user's access one should revise the situation. Many teens all over the world now own credit cards and the procedures for denying their access from adult content lack efficiency and flexibility.

Software companies have realized the vast potential in content filters and they're on the move to produce these required filters, but until then the danger of gambling-content exposition of the underage users exists. If you're a concerned parent and you're worried that your child might be exposed to gambling via his cellular phone then you should follow a few effortless tips:

- Monitor you're kids cellular phone bills. Any high charges, which can not be explained by simple in/out calls fees should be followed by a call to your cellular company. Demand a more detailed bill to be sent to your residence.

- Check your kid's credit card bill from time to time. Gambling commissions are not always as high as one might imagine. Look for company names that sound a little gambling related like "Mobile Spades" or "Bet'mobile".

- Make sure that your kid's cellular phone supports content filters and contact your cellular company to ensure that they are working properly.

- If a content's filter is unavailable, consider buying your children low-tech mobile phone which will prevent them from using it to gamble since it will not be able to communicate with mobile gambling sites.

Though it might sound as you're damaging your children's privacy eventually it's for their own good. The future of any child lies in his parents hands.

Mike Mendelson. Guest Editor - 14th of November, 2005