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Gambling Commission Thinking of Allowing Cellular Phone Gambling in Nevada

The Gambling Commission is thinking of rescinding the ban on mobile betting in Nevada. Cellular phones used to be the main tool used by gamblers to place bets by gamblers in the sports books. They would utilize it to transmit information and receive information from the casino facilities. The Gaming Control Board in the state of Nevada then decided to not allow cellular phones in sports betting to stop any form of illegal betting. But in a day where cellular phones are needed in every aspect of our life and it has become a main tool for communication and entertainment, the gaming control board is thinking of canceling the ban.

On March 20th, 2008, Chris Andrews, who is from Leroy's Race and Sports Book commented that when the ban was first enacted, cellular phones are really used by some dishonest players and bookmakers. But today, the whole thing has changed. The people that are handling the operations of the sports books have also become more watchful on identifying any illegal activity.

This development has led to thinking of loosening the ban on using cellular phones in betting. Officials will hold public discussions regarding the issue. Another concern with the existing laws that it is next to impossible to completely stop the used of cellular phones in betting so a lot of concern individuals aims at changing that law.


03 2008