$6 Billion Revenues for Mobile Betting Companies at 2006 Football World Cup

It seems that not only millions of football fans would celebrate during 2006's World Cup but also mobile betting companies, according to January's new report made by VisionGain Intelligence, a UK based independent media company. According to VisionGain's report cell phones content providers are expected to earn $6.35 billion dollars from selling interactive video messaging, blogging services, logos, video clips, live feeds of football games and of course – mobile betting services.

During the one-month football World Cup more than 50 football matches are taking place at Germany's football stadiums. So many matches in such a short period is a gold mine for mobile betting providers. Clients subscribed to mobile betting 3G applications would be able to bet on live football matches via their cell phones.

The mobile betting industry is about to make billions of dollars in a single event, which is the industry's first opportunity to demonstrate its power to investors. Adam Walkden from VisionGain's Telecom Strategy division in the position of Industry Analyst have commented on the event: “The telecoms industry has the potential to generate significant revenue from the 2006 World Cup”.

Mike Mendelson. Guest Editor - 23rd of January, 2006