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Diamond I Presents Completed GS2 Preliminary Design

After the previously announced Global Gaming Platform venture, the preliminary design of a custom-design GS2 has been completed for use, Diamond I stated last Thursday, October 5.

Diamond I, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: DMOI), developers of wireless gaming products that include the GS2(TM) wireless hand-held gaming unit and the WifiCasino(TM) wireless gaming system.

Except for users with mobile phones, Diamond I's custom GS2 will be the only hand-held device designed for use in the Global Gaming Platform. GS2 embodies an ergonomic design with a 3-1/2 inch diagonal screen, which will be equipped with Diamond I's patent-pending biometric security technologies.

According to Dan Morgan, CEO of RVG, one of Diamond I's strategic partners and the strategic alliance's leader, that Diamond I has the vision to see what it takes to introduce new and exciting technologically advanced gaming products to the Nevada and worldwide gaming industries.

A strategic alliance among Diamond I, Real Video Gaming, Inc. (RVG), Voyant Media Group, Inc. (VMG) and Ibis Networks will develop the Global Gaming Platform, which will enable video, audio and betting information from real gaming devices to be transmitted without delays to the Internet, Diamond I's GS2, PDAs and mobile phones simultaneously anywhere in the world. In the near future a definitive venture agreement is expected to be completed.

The Global Gaming Platform will transmit real-time video of actual gaming devices, such as craps, slots and roulette, from actual casinos to users who will, then, be able to interact with such devices, as if the user were present at the host casino.

Once completed, the Global Gaming Platform will be fully scalable, allowing an unlimited number of people in different locations throughout the world to play the same game or participate in the same tournament at the same time.


Thursday, November 09, 2006