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Darren M. Wins 20,000 Pounds from Wild Jack Mobile

On June 11, 2007, Wild Jack Mobile, one of the functional mobile casinos in Britain by Spin3, congratulated one very fortunate mobile player who won 20,000 pounds.

Mr. Darren M, a British resident, won the jackpot prize in a series of wheel spins over the rest of the day on the WJMC's Roulette game making him the second big jackpot winner in as many months.

The Country Manager for the British WJMC, Nicc Lewis, said that players should be ready for some enjoyable and exciting Wild Jack Mobile Casino games this summer.

He added that the second jackpot prize of 20,000 pounds won by Darren M. comes as the members of the WJMC hit an all time high.

With their progressive slots, the Major Millions Jackpot Prize, at half a million pounds, they are hoping that their next big lucky winner is a mobile player as well.

Matti Zinder, the head of Spin3, said that Darren M's win proves that mobile gambling is on its way to becoming the next big hit in the mobile market. Mobile casinos like the WJMC are in a good position to acquire a good share of the mobile industry.


19 2007