Controlling gambling with mobile technology

It is a well known fact that the thing that holds back mobile gambling is not technology but legislation. Ironically though the main objection stated is the uncontrolled nature of cell phones. Many legislators claim that children can easily access their parents' cell phone and gamble away. Another dispute is about the constant access gambling addicts will have to their hit. Sadly enough, all those complaints are misplaced and based on disinformation and prejudice. Apparently most of today's legislators are still stuck in the old technology and would not adjust to any modern development.

The truth is that today's technology will only help supervising unwanted gambling. With modern cell phone technology it's very easy to restrict children from certain content. Just as with computers and safety deposit boxes… As to addicted gamblers, it is much easier to follow disturbing gambling patterns and restrict it with a regulated and advanced organization. It is much easier to spot and aid a compulsive gambler with high-tech cell phones than try and fish him out from smoky gambling joints and poker rooms. The best way to eliminate all negative side affects of gambling is by legalizing and regulating it, not against the gamblers but with them.

James T. Krik, Editor in chief. 2005/09/08