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ClubsNSW Rejected Centrebet's Gaming Installation Offer

On October 2nd, 2008, the Registered Clubs Association of New South Wales or ClubsNSW has revealed that they have rejected an offered from Internet gaming company Centrebet to set up mobile gaming terminals in all of its venues. Centrebet approached ClubsNSW, which represents 1,400 registered clubs on April 2008 with a proposal to install an online cafe system linking players directly to Centrebet's online site.

Clubs will earn fifty percent of the profits produced by the computers, which would have been paid for on the player's credit cards. A similar mobile gambling system had also been proposed by Centrebet in the past, Australia's biggest online bookmaker, while smaller participant made a similar offer prompting a statement from ClubsNSW. ClubsNSW said that it had dismissed CentreBet's offer in June to take a firm stand against credit cards being utilized by the online gaming market.

The Chairman of ClubsNSW, Peter Newell said that the Federal Government should get their act together and ban credit card wagering. Newell added it is one issue to bet with your own cash, it is a completely different issue to bet with cash that is being given on loan. ClubsNSW has taken a firm stand at a financial expense; one that they firmly believe is the responsible course of action to take.

Newell said that although problem gaming affected less than 1% of Australian adults, recent study showed that the number of gamblers addicted to online betting was on the rise. Recent study shows that the number of online problem gamers is one the rise at over twenty percent.


11/19/2008, Wednesday