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Chartwell Has New Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Gaming software company Chartwell Technology Inc. has announced that its Vice President, Operations and Chief Financial Officer, Don Gleason, has resigned and will be replaced by Dale Kearns, whose official post will be the Chief Operating and Financial Officer (COO/CFO) by the end of August.

Gleason, who resigned to take on a new business interest, will be staying on with Chartwell as a consultant within the transition phase to make sure that all loose ends are tied up for the new executive.

Kearns is an experienced senior executive who has been closely involved with international businesses for almost 20 years. He has successfully led mergers and acquisitions while his efforts have paved the way for raising equity capital for various projects.

Chartwell, one of the key leaders in supplying software systems for the online and remote gaming industry, thanked Gleason for his contributions to the company. President and Chief Executive Officer of Chartwell, Darold Parken, told the media that during Gleason's tenure, Chartwell's growth rate exceeded the industry average.

Parken also said he is pleased with Kearns' imminent arrival in the company and hopes to become even more competitive while continuing to deliver more quality-driven software systems to the market.

Chartwell specializes in the development of leading-edge gaming applications and entertainment content for the Internet and wireless betting platforms and other remote access devices.


Monday, July 24, 2006