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Centrebet and Mfuse Partnership Now Operational

On November 23rd, 2007, a mobile gaming partnership with online gaming organization Centrebet from Australia and mobile technology provider Mfuse, which was announced last year came to realization with the debut of a fully functional mobile gambling site.

The final product of eighteen months of conceptualization and manufacturing, the brand new site was only finalized after owners switched to the Orbis OpenBet platform. With its initial operational trial during the Spring Racing Festival, the new mobile gambling service performed to expectations.

Increased wagering and a widening of the player base of Centrebet are the main goals Con Kafataris, the managing director of Centrebet. He said that they are predicting a significant profit improvement because of the mobility of the product. It is also user friendly. It is also expected that consumers will use more mobile products that are Java-based.

They are also confident that the accessibility of the product will also attract more sports betting fans. He added that their research shows that the mobile service will be seen as a good development by their online clients because they can now place bets with the use of a personal computer and with their mobile phones. The feature also gives different types of wagers and answers the demands of racing, sports betting and general betting customers.


30 2007