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BSkyB Picks Mkodo for their Mobile Gaming Needs

On January 8th, 2009, well-known British mobile engagement services supplier Mkodo has recently announced that it has been picked by BSkyB's online sports wagering site at to implement a next generation mobile online wagering site.

The brand new site is scheduled to make its debut later this month and will improve's present online, interactive television and telephone wagering services. BSkyB stated that the service had been made to give customers the information and unique functionality required in order to execute wagers anytime or anywhere they want to. Pritpal Bains, the Senior Product Manager for said that they want their customers to fully interact with their services in a way that will be easier and simpler for them.

Bains said that the mobile channel is a vital part of this strategy; hence the important decision to improve their offering in this aspect. They have picked Mkodo because they wanted to work with a well-respected supplier in the market. Bains said that the Mkodo team has a lot of experience in provision o mobile gambling content and commerce sites. This has been evident with the smooth handling of the project and with their professionalism regarding the whole thing.


03/05/2009, Thursday