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Brian Gooding Wins the Mobile 6Up Game

On September 12th, 2007, PlayUp Interactive Gambling in the United Kingdom has announced to the public that one very lucky gambler won $20,000 in their 6Up telephone cricketmobile gambling game.

The game was launched on June 2007 through the efforts of Australian cricket legend Shane Warne, 6Up gives prizes to players that accurately predict the result of one over of cricket.

A university student at the Royal Holloway in London, Brian Gooding, correctly predicted the result of one "over" during a recent one day match between England and India located at the Edgbaston ground in Birmingham and won $10,000.

Gooding said that he had seen the 6Up game in a newspaper and then decided to first check the game's official online site before joining the game. Gooding said that he thought that the concept of 6Up was very interesting and to guess the result of a cricket match is more entertaining than odds wagering.

He was a fan of cricket and sent his text message to 6Up while he was watching a cricket match on television. As soon as the match ended, 6Up called him and told him that he won.

6Up awarded Gooding tickets for the next ODI cricket match between England and India at the Brit Oval ground and he repeated his win, taking home an additional $10,000.


23 2007