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Five Bookies Placed Under Arrest; Charges Await in Singaporean Court

As part of their Gambling Suppression Campaign, the Singaporean police have arrested five illegal bookmakers in two separate surprise gambling raids last Friday.

The arrested men, aging 34 to 57, are members of a syndicate in Singapore which has been actively engaged in illegal soccer betting activities by accepting bets over the phone.

In the bust operations, the police caught the bookmaker trying to flush his record of bets down the toilet bowl. The records were then confiscated by the cops.

Also seized in the raids to be used as strong evidences were laptops, which were used to access the Internet and monitor betting odds, mobile phones, voice recorders used for their over-the-phone transactions and devices which were used for connecting the laptops to the telephone line.

The bookmaker and his four accomplices face the Subordinate Courts today. For being a bookmaker, he may be fined $20,000 to $200,000 and faces an imprisonment of up to 5 years while the four accomplices may be fined a maximum of $5,000 and/or end up in jail for up to 6 months.

The police have now arrested a record 14 illegal bookmakers since the start of the World Cup June 10th and three of them have already been charged in courts this week.

These bookies are just a few of those illegal bookmakers and bettors who have collected $2 billion worth of bets in Singapore alone during this year's World Cup versus the country's legal bookmaker Singapore Pools' collection of $500 million only.


Friday, August 18, 2006