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Betting Ring in Salt Lake Discovered by Police Officers

On April 18, 2007, a night raid in Salt Lake discovered an illegal betting ring with international connections. A list of names, including those of cricket players, sent the police officers in several states in the country looking for more. The 3 people arrested that day confessed to "large betting" during the Cricket World Cup, entertaining clients all over the world.

The police officers confiscated 2 laptop computers, 4 fixed phones and a pair of cellular phones from the residence in Salt Lake along with a notebook which contained the different names and cell phone numbers of customers of the bookmakers, including some names of cricket players. Praveen Kumar, the Superintendent of the Police Department in North 24-Parganas, said that they have received information regarding the illegal betting ring on the ground floor of the AC 70 located in Salt Lake.

They decided to conduct the raid that night and apprehended Adarsh Mohta, Jitesh Khaitan and Dinesh Yadav. The police officers in the other states were immediately informed by Kumar regarding the arrests. Sources from the Delhi Police confirmed last Thursday that they are already collaborating with their fellow police officers from different parts of Calcutta and Mumbai to be on the look-out for other illegal betting rings in their own areas.

Kumar said that it is only normal for the ledgers of the bookmakers to contain names of cricket players. Bookmakers usually try to figure the composition of each playing team, the line-up for every match and other needed information. On the Bidhannagar (North) Police Station, where the 3 bookmakers were entrusted for about a week, the focus of the interrogation was on Adarsh Mohta, the alleged mastermind.

Prasun Banerjee, the subdivisional police officer from Salt Lake said that the reason is that Mohta is the mastermind from this betting business and the 2 others are just his employees. Mohta owns a garment store in Baguiati and Jitesh and Dinesh are his employees. Preliminary investigations into the matter suggest that the entire betting transaction would be conducted in cash, so that there would be no money trail to follow if the whole situation was discovered by police officers.

Officers said that they are hoping to get more of a lead on the case by reviewing the contents of the confiscated laptops and mobile phones of the suspects, possibly used for mobile gambling. Mobile Phones are a popular betting tool nowadays since the bookmaker and his customer can just conduct their transaction by phone and never meet, avoiding police detection.


03 2007